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Celebrating customer success stories

SportingSmiles is changing the world one smile at a time. ADC’s design engineers helped Evan McCarthy, the SportingSmiles CEO, to design and manufacture a patented adjustable impression dental tray. According to McCarthy, “We wanted to develop a process that created one-of-a-kind dental products that would be available at a more reasonable price, while still maintaining lab quality. Our self-impression kit allows for new or replacement dental guards to be created directly at our dental facilities, therefore bypassing additional fees that have been associated with custom guards in the past.”

The Dual Arch Adjustable Dental Impression Tray was awarded patent #8,360,772. SportingSmiles specializes in smile retention and enhancement with a wide array of products to alleviate joint pain and prevent injury. Products are available via the SportingSmiles website or Amazon.

In middle school, McCarthy was accidentally hit with a wayward baseball bat during gym class. The result: he lost four front teeth, but the accident led to today’s successful business. After the accident, McCarthy took care to wear mouth guards when playing sports but he found that over-the-counter guards were “uncomfortable and boring.” McCarthy asked his father, a dentist, to teach him how to make custom guards and began producing some with different colors, patterns, and graphics, drawing interest from family and friends. Sporting Smiles is in the smile retention business with a wide array of injury prevention and smile enhancement products and celebrating 10 years in business. Fun to see them in the news this recently!

Custom sports mouth guards designed for MMA, Jiu-jitsu, football, basketball, hockey, and other contact sports.

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