CNC Machining

ADC offers a comprehensive range of manufacturing services to propel your idea into a finished product

We offer tool design, machining, and molding under one roof. This ensures the customer, engineer, and machinist are always on the same page–preventing costly mistakes.


  • Our machinists have 25+ years of combined experience on a wide variety of metalworking projects
  • ADC offers high quality products with short lead times, by means of our full-service machine shop (including some of the newest 3-axis CNC milling machines available) and by maintaining great communication between our engineering, scanning, and machining departments providing full scale services.
  • We offer a wide range of sizes and applications of aluminum or steel injection molds
  • We design and build fixtures for a wide variety of applications including tight-tolerance inspection, post-production work and cooling.
  • In addition to tooling, we have a full-service machine shop to meet any customer needs that may arise.
  • Other offerings include: CNC lathe, mills, saws, and standard shop tools and services.

Mold Design

  • Each part we design is optimized for manufacturing from the start, saving time and money.
  • Invaluable expertise leads us to design the best tool for each situation based on material, budget, projected quantities, and other factors.
  • Our engineers utilize the latest CAD software to design the tool and output a 3D file ready for a machinist to cut.
  • We always use Moldflow software to ensure the part will be of satisfactory quality–before any cuts are made.

To request a Moldflow analysis, please click here.

Advanced Designed Concepts is ISO 9001:2015 certified by Verisys Registrars.

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