Scanning & Engineering

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Anything as small as a thimble to as large as an airplane.

Most any material that is rigid or can be held in a static state. Transparent, translucent, reflective and dark materials require surface preparation, usually a thin coat of developer powder or flat white paint.

Yes. ADC’s 3D scanners are portable and almost anything can be 3D scanned on-site. Perfect for items that are very large, delicate, important to production, secret or time sensitive.

An .STL (stereolithography) file or raw scan file can be compared to a 3D CAD model via inspection software to show how a physical part deviates from its intended form. 3D scan data can also be used to create a “true to life” 3D CAD model, an “idealized” 3D CAD model or a 3D printable file of an object.

Speed, efficiency, accuracy, versatility and totality. Most easily handled objects can be scanned in an hour or less. Millions of points are captured with each shot or pass of the sensor making it easy to collect points all over the object with similar accuracy to that of a CMM. Compared to recording hundreds of points in a matter of hours with a CMM. Laser and light 3D scanners are not confined to a stage size, they are portable and can move around any sized object.

It depends on the size, shape, weight, surface preparation required and location of the part but, most parts that one person can pick up can be fully 3D scanned in about 1-2 hours. Large or on-site objects can take several hours to a day.

For small objects, an accuracy of +/- .01mm (.0004”) and +/- .0635mm (.0037”) on larger objects can be achieved.

A customer sends a request for a quote to ADC via email, phone, online RFQ, or word of mouth.
  • Solid works
  • Creo
  • Other formats
    • STEP, IGES, PDF, DXF, STL, and more
ADC can provide the following services:
  • 3D printing
  • CNC Machining
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Silicone molds / Urethane Castings
  • Fiberglass / Carbon Fiber
  • Sheet metal
  • Miscellaneous prototyping
Yes, ADC can support the commercial design and engineering projects and can be provided on a per project basis or as hourly support.
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Metal Casting
  • CNC Machining
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Products
  • Other Mechanical
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Motion / Mechanical Simulation
  • FEA – Structural / Thermal
  • Plastic MoldFlow Simulation
  • Metal Solidification
  • Prototyping
  • Physical Testing