3d printing and prototyping


ADC Offers a Full Range of Rapid Prototyping Services

ADC remains on the cutting edge of 3D printing technology with our in-house rapid prototyping department. The Objet Connex350 was the first 3D printer in the world to simultaneously 3D print multiple colors and materials. It offers a broader range of printing capabilities so you can create parts with the precision, look and feel of real production parts.

3D Printing Advantages:


  • Customization: each part can be made uniquely for personalization, customization, or testing design options
  • Time: a part can be made in hours, rather than waiting weeks for a prototype tool, drastically reducing time to market
  • Risk Reduction: 3D printing one or more parts for design verification and fitment testing reduces the risk of costly and timely tooling modifications
  • Cost: 3D printing a single part is much less expensive than designing and building a tool, permitting emergent companies and inventors to prove a concept without an overwhelming monetary investment
  • Limitless: Our HD printers can create parts otherwise impossible to manufacture
  • Tangible: the ability to hold a part in your hands adds another dimension to proof of concept, perfect for prospective investors, focus groups, and sponsors

Flexible Prototypes

  • In addition to 3D printing, we also offer prototypes in a variety of materials including silicones, urethanes, foams,and hard plastics.
  • We utilize 3D printed or machined molds that require a fraction of the investment required for aluminum or steel tooling.
  • Can choose from and experiment with a wide variety of durometers, densities, colors, and material types.
  • The end result is a part that exhibits the exact intended physical characteristics of the final product.
  • In addition to this type of prototype, we offer light assembly services to perfect your entire product before sending it to a large manufacturer.

    Max file size: 10MB