Industries We Support

Bring Us A Crisis and Will Deliver A Solution

In the fast-paced world of today, no business is immune to encountering adversity. Businesses of all sorts find themselves facing a multitude of challenges including, but not limited to, meeting fast approaching deadlines, identifying and correcting design flaws, increasing product durability, as well as staying current and well-versed in the latest technology.

Regardless of industry, those in the business of manufacturing share the common goal of providing their customers with high quality products while simultaneously lowering production costs and maximizing efficiency.

Here at ADC we thrive on supporting our customer’s goals. With thousands of hours of experience designing complex components and assemblies, our engineers can provide solutions to any and all customer challenges. From aerospace to medical devices and race cars, we help you bring your ideas to the market.


Companies we support:

The field of Aerospace is extremely diverse with many possible applications commercially, industrially, and in the military. Whether manufacturers are producing an entire aircraft or engines or a small piece, it is crucial that all elements of a build be held to the highest standards of quality, durability, safety, and performance.

Consumer Products

Companies we support:

ADC has provided turnkey solutions for consumer products. Having an expert understanding of many manufacturing technologies allows an efficient blend of cost effective design to product launch. ADC matches the proper technologies starting in the concept to prototype phase by incorporating the design parameters of a fully manufactured part. We convert an idea into a reality.

Lawn & Garden

Companies we support:

Our role in the lawn and garden sector of manufacturing focuses primarily on aiding in the production of devices utilized for residential lawn care and landscaping. Clients in the business of landscaping have collaborated with ADC to design and produce gadgets which allow professionals and enthusiasts alike the power to transform their yards with ease.

The practice of gardening has forever been part of the human experience and only continues to grow in popularity. Gardening is no longer just for the professionals as more and more individuals have begun to take up gardening as a relaxing hobby.

Due to consumers’ increased interest in gardening, manufacturers are continuously designing equipment that is not only user friendly but intuitive to use.

Manufacturers of gardening supplies understand that the average person desires tools that are convenient, efficient, and easy to maneuver. As a result, ADC has collaborated with numerous manufacturers to put out contemporary garden tools that are lightweight, durable, and inexpensive.

Medical Devices

Companies we support:

From the beginning of the product development cycle through completion, Advanced Design Concepts provides critical engineering support in the molding and production of products through modern manufacturing technologies such as 3D scanning, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and 3D Printing. Leading medical equipment manufacturers have worked with ADC to produce CPR training devices, design and develop prototypes and manufacture adjustable prosthetic devices.

Other Markets

Companies we serve:

Major companies support ADC to stay innovative and keep a competitor’s edge in ever-changing and demanding industries such as, food processing, pumps and safety.

Automotive Racing

Companies we support:

Racing constitutes outperforming the competition. ADC has consistently assisted the automotive and racing industries with all aspects of a vehicle. Through efficient design and light-weighting components to inspecting the components to meet crucial tolerances. Reproducing custom flow geometry to harness every possible horsepower. ADC has worked in tandem to assist in the restoration of historic vehicles back to the day they first rolled off the line. ADC assists in the production of aftermarket solutions to adapt the historic to the new.


Companies we support:

Major manufacturers in the recreational vehicle industry are working with Advanced Design Concepts to produce parts that will ultimately be used in upcoming motorcycle builds and creation of custom cars. Our 3D Scanning capabilities allow entire vehicles or individual pieces such as the engine or interior to be reverse engineered to produce a 3D model of the physical part allowing designs to be fine-tuned to perfection. ADC has worked with industrial designers to convert their vision and style into a manufacturable reality.

Architectural / Construction / Restoration

Companies we support:

Architecture can be new or old, and sometimes a little of both. ADC’s versatility helps leading architectural and construction companies realize their dreams. Whether that dream is designing, engineering and prototyping a new architectural feature or preserving and replicating an old one. ADC turns hand-made originals, scale models and artistic representations into a digital record that can be scaled, repaired, altered and remodeled. Restoration companies rely on ADC to preserve old architectural works and help reproduce them.