Featured Client: Swingrail


Dan Mueller, Pewaukee native, and former college baseball player shared his knowledge and passion for the game by coaching his kid’s baseball teams. Through his personal experience playing ball and coaching, Mueller realized most players struggle with their swing mechanics. Mueller had some ideas on how to help players build muscle memory to improve their swing and took to his garage to develop a solution.

Once Mueller had a product concept, he contacted ADC to help bring the product to fruition. ADC has had the honor of partnering with numerous entrepreneurs to help their product idea a reality and working with Mueller was no exception.

“I approached ADC with the product idea five years ago and the entire team, including Mark Schaefer, the owner, walked us through the whole process from finalizing the product concept to prototyping and engineering to manufacturing it,” said Mueller. The innovative end result – SWINGRAIL!

SWINGRAIL is proven to improve bat speed, power, and swing plane and has done so with 368,000+ baseball and softball users…from little league players to numerous MLB teams across the country and every player in between.

Mueller went on to say, “Our product is now in more than 1,500 retail stores & has been a top-seller on Amazon for the past 4 years! We couldn’t have done it without our partnership with the entire team at ADC.” ADC celebrates SWINGRAIL and its wild success. Learn more at www.swingrail.com  and contact them at dan@swingrail.com.