Featured Client: iFit Prosthetics

For more than ten years, Advanced Design Concepts has provided engineering and manufacturing support services to an innovative, life-changing company: iFIT Prosthetics.  Jim Marschalek, VP of Engineering, has been instrumental in bringing to fruition the vision and medical expertise of Timothy Dillingham, M.D., M.S.

“iFit Prosthetics is an extraordinary ADC client. We have worked with Tim and the iFit Prosthetics team since their product’s inception and found them to be receptive and enthusiastic to utilize and embrace ADC’s full suite of capabilities including: 3D Scanning, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 3D Printing, and more recently, topology optimization. They understand the engineering principles required to design and manufacture an adjustable prosthetic device.” – Jim Marschalek, ADC

Dr. Dillingham served in the U.S. Army during the Persian Gulf War and served as an investigator for the National Institute for Health (NIH) studying the needs of patients with limb loss.  He was amazed by the time and effort required to make a hard socket fit a changing limb.  He was inspired to expand the options available to lower-limb amputees.

“The design characteristics – adjustability and immediate fit – can potentially enhance access and availability to prosthetic services for many patients.  I am grateful for Jim Marschalek’s engineering leadership and the entire ADC team for our partnership in developing the iFit Prosthetics’ product line.”

– Timothy R. Dillingham ,M.D., M.S., President, iFIT Prosthetics, LLC

Using his engineering, industrial, and manufacturing background as well as his medical expertise, Dr. Dillingham developed a prosthetic that would better adjust to the individualized needs of patients.  He turned to Advanced Design Concepts  to provide critical engineering support from the beginning of the product development cycle.   ADC’s engineering and manufacturing teams, led by Jim Marschalek, have collaborated with Dr. Dilingham to develop and manufacture this innovative, adjustable, affordable lower limb prosthetic. iFit Prosthetics is officially in the life-changing business, improving the quality of life for patients.

Advanced Design Concepts is proud to have supported the iFit Prosthetic product development cycle since its infancy.  Our engineers collaborated with Dr. Dillingham to design, refine, develop prototypes and test the limb, resulting in the current lower limb prosthetic on the market today.  Not only have we helped in the development stage, we are also manufacturing elements of the device. All of the strong plastic component parts are injection molded at ADC and assembled at our facility in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  iFit Prosthetics intentionally sources any component not manufactured at ADC using U.S.-based vendor companies.

“ADC has responded with lightning speed as iFit Prosthetics has worked to improve the devices accessibility to patient needs” remarked Dr. Dillingham.