-Timothy Dillingham, MS, MD CEO/ President

“My company has had the pleasure of working with ADC for the past 10 years to bring a novel idea—adjustable and immediate fit lower limb prosthetics— from concept all the way to a fully commercialized product. The engineering expertise of the ADC team far exceeded my expectations. ADC is extremely responsive to any questions that may arise and they make swift engineering changes when needed. What is most novel about ADC is their wide bandwidth of experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing. This one stop place for all our engineering needs was instrumental to our success. In addition to being outstanding engineers, the people at ADC are honest, hard-working, responsive and professional. They are also very friendly and a pleasure to work with. Everyone at ADC is committed to excellence in all their products and services and this commitment comes through loud and clear. We are delighted to have continued our collaboration remotely after I relocated to Philadelphia. They have seamlessly worked with us through video conferencing, in a highly effective way, and our collaboration continues in a productive and efficient manner. Their unparalleled experience and dedication to developing the best products available has made us a dedicated partner of ADC. “